Son House

Eddie James “Son” House, Jr. (March 21, 1902 – October 19, 1988)

Paramount Recordings in Grafton on May 28, 1930:

  • “Dry Spell Blues”
  • “Preachin the Blues”
  • “My Black Mama”

SPECIAL NOTE:  “My Black Mama” from (MP3 below) was recorded in June 1930 in Grafton, Wisconsin. These recording sessions included Charley Patton, Willie Brown and Louise Johnson who all drove up to Wisconsin together from Mississippi. This tune made a deep impression on a young Robert Johnson, who was reportedly mentored somewhat by House; Johnson later recorded this tune as “Walkin’ Blues.” John Lee Hooker likewise did his own version in 1949 called “Burnin’ Hell,” based on the lines from the third verse: “Yeah, ain’t no heaven, ain’t no burnin’ hell, where I’m goin’ when I die, can’t nobody tell.”


Click the play button on the player below to listen to “My Black Mama”: