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Your $35 donation will include all music, a trip through the food bar and a tickets in the silent auction.  We are also accepting donations on Rachael’s behalf via our ticket page.  Tickets will be available at the door if we do not sell out beforehand.

This years Blues for the Cure will  benefit Rachael.  Rachael is 26 years old, has been married for three years, and has a one year old daughter. Her story:

The last thing anyone expects is the diagnosis of breast cancer. Preventative checks (Mammograms) don’t typically begin until age 35. Diagnosed with ‘Triple Negative’ results, her age, no known cancer genes that cause mutation, and that is also unaffected by hormones. The cause is unknown. With rapid growth what started as a small self-detected lump, at first ignored due to cysts in the family history and improbability gave the time for growth. Discomfort grew and a visit was scheduled. An indeterminate ultrasound quickly led to a biopsy and an immediate result of breast cancer. Everything was streamlined and pushed for emergency surgery. From detection to removal the whole process was fifteen days. What could have been a removal of just a lump, quickly escalated into the complete removal of a breast. With the other to follow in the future to ensure that it doesn’t return. Amazingly after cutting and testing the lymph nodes they had showed we caught a single break, which the cancer had not begun to spread to other regions of her body. So the results are optimistic, with chemotherapy and reconstruction planned, this mother will overcome the cancer and treatments. With a message of it doesn’t matter the age, do self-exams and don’t ignore it and get it checked out..

The event will include 4 bands. Headlining the night will be Moreland & Arbuckle

Maple Road Blues Band