Enter Paramount Blues Challenge


The seventh annual Paramount Blues Challenge (PBC) will be held at the Lakeview Conference Center located at the Country Inn & Suites in Port Washington, WI on Saturday April 1st, 2017.

This is the official entry form for bands that wish to participate for a chance to travel to Memphis in winter of 2018 to represent the Paramount Music Association (PMA) at the International Blues Challenge (IBC) hosted by the Blues Foundation.

A full application includes this form, a $25 non-refundable application fee, an EPK (or mailed CD) and an act photo. No application is considered complete until these items are given to the Paramount Music Association. Only WORKING BLUES ACTS will be considered. This means you promote yourself as a blues act, not an act that plays some blues.  A minimum of 2 members must be Wisconsin residents (or 1 if solo/duo). If selected, all performing members of your band, as detailed below, must be present to perform at the PBC. If you are chosen as the PBC winner, the same performing members of your band, must also be available to perform at the IBC in Memphis. The PMA is not responsible for any associated costs, but will help with fundraising as it can.

All Memphis IBC expenses are the acts responsibility.

Winners are entitled to represent the Paramount Music Association at the International Blues Challenge (IBC) in Memphis, TN in 2018. A maximum of 12 acts (8 bands and 4 solo/duo acts) will be selected to participate in the PBC by the Paramount Music Association. The (up to) 12 performing acts at the PBC will be rated by a panel of judges, with the winners selected to represent the PMA at the IBC in 2018. A brief meeting will be held on Monday, March 6th, 2017 at 6:30pm at the venue to select the order of the acts (solo/duo first) and answer any questions. If you can not have a representative from you act at this meeting, we will draw a time slot for you. In the event more than 12 acts register, the PMA reserves the right to change the format including hosting solo/duo – band competitions at a separate times/dates. In the event more than 8 bands and less than 4 solo/duos sign up, the PMA will increase the band competition as it sees fit.

The Paramount Music Association rule is no band may win two consecutive years, when you win the PBC, you can not compete the following year. This is different from the Blues foundation rule of 3 consecutive years.

NOTE: IBC rules will be followed as closely as possible for this challenge and can be found by visiting www.blues.org/ibc.

Enter the Parmount Blues Challenge:

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By electronic signature below, the undersigned hereby attest that she/he is 18 years of age or older, and is the responsible spokesperson for the individuals listed above on this form and identified by real (or stage) names, and herein referred to as The Act. The Act must be: 1) A blues band, solo act or duo 2) A minimum of two members of The Act must live in Wisconsin. The undersigned spokesperson further attests that each person identified as a member of The Act: 1) Has not previously been nominated for a W.C. Handy award 2) Has not already entered the Paramount Blues Challenge 2017 with another band.

Complete Paramount Blues Challenge rules and judging criteria (which strictly follow the IBC’s protocol) are available online at www.blues.org. If for any reason the 1st place winner is unable to participate in the IBC in Memphis, any monies raised by the PMA will revert to the PMA and/or the act(s) that represents the PMA. All monies raised by fundraising gigs arranged by the PMA will be held by the PMA and will be used to pay towards travel & hotel expenses to the IBC in Memphis. It is agreed by the spokesperson that she/he and each member of The Act do hereby exempt from all liability the PMA, and all persons and companies that are directly, or indirectly associated with the PMA PBC competition. It is further agreed by the spokesperson that she/he and each member of The Act accept full responsibility for all taxes and restrictions relating to contest prizes received by The Act. Furthermore, each member of The Act hereby permits the PMA the right to make use of hers/his/their names, voices, image and other likeness for the purpose of advertising, publishing and promoting the PMA PBC. In addition, the spokesperson and each member of The Act hereby agree that the PMA will retain total ownership of the PBC program(s) and the rights to license others to use these rights. This does not include the copyright or publishing rights of the individual songs performed by The Act, the right of which will be retained by The Act. The undersigned spokesperson hereby acknowledges that each member of The Act is knowledgeable of and agrees to abide by the terms herein stated and the rules of the PBC, as set forth by PMA and the IBC.

I have read all the rules and by signing here electronically, I agree to comply with all rules on behalf of the act I am registering.


A complete registration includes this form, $25 non refundable application fee (postmarked by deadline of February 28,2017 OR pay online - we will send a link to you to pay if requested), EPK or link to video/music and an act photo emailed to info@paramountmusic.org