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Welcome to the Paramount Music Association


The Paramount Music Association was established in 2006, and is an all volunteer 501c3 organization.  In the last couple of years, despite our successful events, business sponsorship has declined.  We, the volunteers, have put all we can financially into keeping the organization and the events going.  We are now asking for your help.
We are in need of funding. We need to raise $30,000 to keep the organization going and to be able to consider a 2019 Paramount Music Festival. Although this dollar amount is large, we know that there are many folks out there that love what we do. If everyone made a donation, of any amount, we would reach or come near our goal.  Please consider donating today.  We have set up multiple ways to make a donation. Paypal, check by mail, Facebook (link on our page), and GoFundme. See below for options. We can provide a donation letter upon request.


Want to donate some time to our organization? Please contact us at We can always use help before, during and after our events!  If your a hands on person, or want to help by spreading the word about our events, we appreciate the help!